Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Rides

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Crooks and Liars » Where was FOX & Wallace on the McCain/Hagee endorsement?


Chris Wallace was outraged today over Obama’s pastor remarks and I think it’s very fair to raise the issue.


I did a Google search on Chris Wallace/John Hagee to see if he ever mentioned his name on Fox News Sunday and guess what? I didn’t find a mention anywhere of this controversial—anti-Catholic—McCain endorsement. In fact, I found only one post on the FOX News website which was a video of McCain saying that he didn’t have to agree with everything someone says who supports him. We know there was only a brief spot on CNN and MSNBC pretty much stayed away from it completely outside of KO. (Tweety was silent)


So, only as a media question: Why no mention of McCain and the barrage on Obama? Shouldn’t they both be held to the same standard of coverage? How would Hillary have been covered by Chris Wallace if a similar story hit the news?


Some commenters at this thread believe Sen. Clinton has been given a free ride by the media and only Sen. Obama has received critical press review.



Fade said...

Saw a brief clip of that Pastor- saying "God Bless America?! God Damn America when its dropping bombs on women and children"

I can't really argue with that statement. It amazes me that some Christians out there somehow believe that God loves THIS country and its citizens more than every other country on the planet. Where in the bible does it mention America. Christians should put the kingdom of heaven over any earthly kingdom. Fools, sycophants, and pharisees is what America is apparently made up of. God bless that?

Bob said...

You're right, of course. We'll be blessed when we can finally get control of our errant leaders and put them on a righteous path. It's a long battle-- remember Andrew Jackson and what he did to the Southern Indian tribes.