Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Comment Of The Day: Death Camp Edition

What History Will Say About Obamacare and the Government Shutdown - The Daily Beast: Velociryx 42 minutes ago

I too, think history will see this for what it is. I just got off the phone with my sister's third cousin's (twice removed) middle daughter.

She just told me that her ex boyfriend's aunt's grandmother has a hunchback living next door who tried to sign up for his "free insurance" and was told to report to a given address.

Well...he took a cab (in addition to being a hunchback, he's also a dwarf, and being vertically challenged, is too short to drive). WHEN HE GOT THERE, he found a mobile FEMA camp on a railroad box car with a Death Panel waiting inside. He barely escaped with his life, and plans to post full details on his Facebook page soon.

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