Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fox ACA Anxiety

An anxious Fox News blames the shutdown on Obama - Salon.com:
...Mind you, one could feel the channel’s producers trying to pivot away from the shutdown and distract the viewership with something else, almost anything else – Iran’s alleged nukes, random New York City crime stories, the new trial of sex-slaying suspect Amanda Knox – only to come creeping back every few minutes, like a child picking at an especially itchy scab. Several commentators, including Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller and Goldberg — who unites the roles of right-wing intellectual and rodeo clown like no one else — protested that the day’s real story ought to be the “glitches” involved in today’s rollout of the 50 different Obamacare insurance-exchange websites. They argued that the shutdown was overshadowing those burning issues. (Because most of the time the Internet is so free of problems, I guess.) Everyone carefully avoided the obvious point – made by Obama later in the day – which was that the overloaded Web servers and 404 pages on the insurance sites reflected enormous demand for what they were offering...

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