Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Coultergeist Eats Her Own

How Bad Is It? Even Ann Coulter Has Turned On Conservatives - The Daily Beast:
...That said, Coulter’s scatter-shot attack was telling, as was Hannity’s half-hearted pushback. A master of exploiting the political zeitgeist, Coulter understands that smacking fellow Republicans is the hot trend, and she is too savvy a (cough) huckster to miss such an opportunity. But, as the chaos spirals, Republicans seem to be having an ever-harder time figuring out where it is they want to point fingers or lob bombs. Everyone in the party is fed up with everyone else, and no one seems to have any idea how to stop the madness. Even folks like Coulter and Hannity, who have done so much to create the contemporary climate of over-the-top GOP crazy, can’t agree on how to deal with what they have created. How do you get Frankenstein’s monster back under control when no one can even agree on who the monster is?

That said, you have to give Coulter props for knowing how to hawk a book.

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