Monday, October 14, 2013

Comment Of The Day: Fury Edition

Republicans Using WWII Vets For Political Agenda - The Grave Robbers In Washington - Esquire
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Mr. Pierce,

I write formally and at some length because I hope to formally acknowledge both your grief and your fury as manifested in this post. I share it. I have two uncles I never met who are buried on separate hillsides here in West Virginia. I never met them because one died in the Siege of Bastogne and the other in a pre-Normandy diversion in the South of France. My father died six years ago, and spent his war years in the belly of an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. As I type, another uncle, a Pacific fighter ace, lays dying in a hospital room. For all of them, I am so past furious at their reduction to hand props for the right wing that the light from Furious won't reach me for a million years.

So now, to have these teabaggin' grifters wrap themselves in my family's, your family's, and other families' blood-stained shrouds, to see them flog our beloved, if in some cases never-known, corpses, to watch helplessly as they manhandle both history and heritage, is to finally know the all-the-way-down burn of unadulterated, 200 proof Hate. I sensed similar sentiment in your words and merely want to let you know, as is sometimes helpful, you are not alone.

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