Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Comment Of The Day: Evil Con Edition

Facebook: Geary Yelton
And another thing, since I'm on a rant: There's nothing "conservative" about public extortion, letting a minority of radical Congressmen seize control, promoting ignorance through misinformation, deliberately weakening the middle class, passing laws to subvert the democratic process, trying the convince people that government is bad by sabotaging it, changing the direction of American education in ways that make it both inferior and less accessible, openly encouraging sedition or treason, embracing Ayn Rand (an aetheist) while preaching religious extremism, or denying what the New Testament says about taking care of the poor. If you support any of the modern-day GOP's current ideas, you have a lot of nerve if you call yourself a conservative, and you have even more nerve if you call yourself a ChristianPublish Post.

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