Thursday, October 17, 2013

Democratic Heat

“They’re fools — and work for fools!”: Grayson on GOP staffers (and much more) -
On the first day of the government shutdown, firebrand Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson told Salon that Republicans’ on-the-job drinking was partially to blame. Now he says the current showdown will end the party – for good.

In an interview late Tuesday afternoon, Grayson accused Republicans of pushing “health suppression” and measures “torturing” congressional staffers, and repeatedly “dragging America into heavy traffic.” The Florida Democrat also defended the effectiveness of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, predicted the demise of any “Great Betrayal” targeting Social Security or Medicare, and said voters will soon send the Republican Party “to the ash heap of history.” A condensed version of our conversation follows...


billy pilgrim said...

drinking on the job?

a flippant comment or fact?

Bob Harrison said...

apparently, it's for real. the night of the shutdown the GOPers had a big party and apparently several of them got really snookered before casting their final votes. it's so great to know that the country's suffering is worth a party. it will comfort me on cold winter nights.