Saturday, October 19, 2013

What We Need

My bold.

Winning the Peace: The Post-Shutdown Challenge | Crooks and Liars:

...Elected officials will need to hear from a mobilized public if we are to escape the grim and destructive debate they've planned for us. Our political discourse needs to shift away deficit mania and toward those policies the public wants and needs. They include:

truly progressive tax reform, in which the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share;

investment in jobs, growth, education, and our crumbling infrastructure;
a more just economy, with improved social mobility, wage growth for the middle class, and opportunities for every American to better themselves through education and hard work;
a line in the sand which protects Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and strengthens them for future generations;
a commitment to protect and defend the programs which care for the most vulnerable among us - children, families, and those who are most in need; and,
an end to any tax break which encourages American companies to send jobs overseas...

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