Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hutchison Flames GOPer Crazies

Kay Bailey Hutchison blasts GOP ‘outliers’ who ‘hijacked’ debt, deficit debate | Dallas Morning News:
On Wednesday former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison never mentioned her successor – Ted Cruz – by name, but she blasted his attempts to derail the U.S. government by attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“I think that most Republicans wanted to negotiate on the issue of spending and the debt and the deficit,” she said during a brief interview at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, where we ran into the former senator having lunch. “I think a few people threw in an issue that you could not win. It was absolutely clear you could not win it. And as I’ve said, I was voting on Christmas Eve two years ago against that bill. I did everything I could, and so did all the Republicans in Congress — every single one.”

She went on to call the fight against Obamacare “a mistaken strategy,” and blamed Republican leadership for not getting the party back on track...

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