Monday, May 02, 2016

Bernie Goes Off The Rails

Whoa: Bernie Accuses Hillary of 'Laundering' and 'Looting' - Blue Nation Review:

...Accusing Hillary of “money laundering” and “looting,” despite the fact that the Hillary Victory Fund has already given approximately $4.5 million to state parties and will distribute an additional $9 million “as state parties ramp up for general,” is truly a new low for the Sanders campaign...
Bernie needs to STFU and go away. If he and the Bros continue this fact-free character assassination, they might just be able to Nader tRump into the Presidency. God help the poor, dark and female after the installation of Herr Donald. Of course, Bernie and the Bros won't be troubled by the revolution, riding it out behind the cultured gates of up-scale suburban digs--- unless the revolution turns French.

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