Thursday, May 05, 2016

Comment Of The Day: More Bernie Bucks Edition

Bernie Bros Made Me Finally Recognize Misogyny in America

Kay Allen ·Washington, District of Columbia

Hemingway Except, yes, Bernie does receive revenue from fracking operations due ot his investments. He does receive the benefit of Big Money - his campaign is being supported by 3 GOP super PACs (see Open Secrets) running Anti-HRC ads on TV, has been endorsed by Carl Rove and has been supported in the past by Goldman-Sachs, JP Chase and other major corporate firms both on and off Wall Street. After Sierra Blanca,
Sanders has no room to talk about how glorious and qualified he is especially since in all his years in Congress he never hired any people of color for his staff. Once Sanders voted for funding the Irq War, Lockheed-Martin rewarded him with the F35 program so when you talk about "sell-out' candidates, please include Sanders on your list. Thank you.

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