Monday, June 27, 2016

Are Office Pools On tRexit Going Yet?

Is a TrExit©™ coming? I predicted long ago that Trump the Small would quit before he lost.  I wonder what the most popular date for his exit is. Think I'll go with September 6.

How Is Donald Trump Going to Quit?:

...Now, though, the Democrats are just about done squabbling, Republicans are out of distractions, and the cold, sobering reality of what our nation has wrought is finally settling in. Now that the fun is winding down, the small-handed prince of our country’s most base anxieties is going to start looking for a way out. He’s already laying the groundwork, saying on Fox & Friends that “it would be nice to have full support from people that are in office, full verbal support. With all of that being said, I may go a different route if things don’t happen...”

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