Thursday, June 23, 2016

Opinion Revision Underway

I have tended to agree with Greenwald's opinions on many matters; now, I'm having to reevaluate some previous thoughts, but then that is life in liberal land--- always looking for those biased facts. Perhaps, I can come to a most astounding and unconservative realization: I can be wrong.

Spitfire List | The Jo Cox Assassination: Assist, Greenwald:

COMMENT: In FTR #888 (among other broadcasts and posts), we noted that Citizen Greenwald ran legal interference for the “leaderless resistance” strategy while working pro bono as an attorney. Most important of his efforts, in our opinion, was his work defending the National Alliance against a suit that alleged that the group’s advocacy of racist violence inspired attacks on two Latino day laborers.

We noted–and repeat again–that the National Alliance’s books and literature are specifically intended as instruction materials, designed to motivate “lone-wolf” killers. Thanks to Citizen Greenwald, the National Alliance was relieved of any possible burden of civil liability in cases where their material achieved the desired goal–murder and mayhem...

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