Monday, June 13, 2016

tRump And Morning Joe

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Morning Joe Continues The Feud With 'Narcissist' Trump | Crooks and Liars:

...Their horror at Trump's clinically narcissistic reaction to the Orlando shooting? Just one more page in the tome of the completely self-inflicted demise of The Republican Party.

The New York Times' Frank Bruni and Aspen Institute's Walter Isaacson both decry Trump's twitter reaction to the Orlando Shootings.

"He did a victory lap over 50 dead bodies."

"...shows the great concern of the intelligence community [about Trump]."

Of course, Scarborough and company can't admit what honest people know to be true, that the Republican base has been programmed with the blessing of the Republican establishment so thoroughly to believe Fox News lies and Rush Limbaugh racism, that ANY product of the GOP Primary voter is utterly un-electable in a general election...

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