Thursday, June 30, 2016

Busting Bernie

Bernie Sanders Should Endorse and Support Hillary Clinton | Observer:

...But….but…but…. when he continually criticizes Democrats and keeps trying to barter his endorsement of Clinton by raising the price of support that should have been given long ago, he helps Trump. He helps Republicans. He helps the right. He helps the conservative Republican justices of the Supreme Court who attack the principles of justice that progressive believe in and who yearn for a Republican president to name new justices to given them a majority for a generation.

Beware of anyone who purports to be on the left who says “Bernie or bust,” who calls for support of the Green Party candidate, who writes so many endless commentaries of hatred against Clinton that they are really of the right rather than the left, or are as politically unwise as those who supported Ralph Nader in the Florida campaign in 2000 when Al Gore—and not George W. Bush—would have become president if they had voted for Gore...

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