Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Am So Sick Of Bernie Sanders

I am almost as old as Sanders but don't act like a child, which is what he has been doing. STFU, Bernie. Enough. You're a ten minute Democrat, lay about left over hippie who just happened to sandbag a bunch of youngsters looking for freebies. Don't think you've fooled any of the rest of us. Your entire campaign was, I think, a GOP funded operation so either you are an idiot or you are a willful, treasonous mole selling out the very people you claim to represent by putting tRump in office. Enough.

Unreal: Bernie Goes on CNN to Attack Hillary | BNR:

...At this stage of the race, fashioning himself as the savior of the Democratic Party and asserting that Hillary has to “make it clear which side she’s on” (which he just did on CNN) is extremely unhelpful, to say the least.

Bernie has squandered a considerable amount of credibility with his post-primary intransigence. He isn’t really hurting Hillary with this behavior — she’s dealt with much worse — he’s ruining his own legacy. And more importantly: he’s doing a big disservice to his supporters in the process.

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