Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Obvious Reason Orlando Wasn't Islamic Terror

After all the gassing of the ozone and the slaughter of pixel trees on the topic of "Islamic Whateverism," I'd like to make an observation. If the actions of ISIL are meant to strike terror into the heart of America, then I would like to say that they missed the target in Orlando.

Of course, the murder of 49 people is a horrible thing under any circumstances, but this rampage was a hate crime, not terrorism. A true Islamic terrorist would strike at some other soft target, rather than a gay nightclub for the simple reason that a good swath of America sees gays as "those people," and much like race, it would make as much sense for ISIL to target a NAACP rally instead of a Klan meeting. If they really wanted to get America terrorized, they would go after...

No. I'm not going there. They will get no ideas from me.

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