Thursday, June 09, 2016

Best Insult Of The Day

My bold below.

Nancy Pelosi Just Cold Trollin’ Paul Ryan Now, And Also She Hatin’ | Wonkette:

Oh, Nancy Pelosi, how we miss thee being the boss of us in the House of Representatives. But for now, fresh-faced boy wonder Paul Ryan is the boss of us, and he is twisting his titties into a knot trying to say out of one toned buttcheek that Donald Trump is a “textbook racist” and oh so naughty, but out of the other buttcheek, he’s like “Trump 2016!” Poor thing. He tried so hard to get out of the position he’s in right now, as the leader of the most dysfunctional herd of syphilitic wombat farts the world has ever seen, AKA House Republicans...
I'd love a job writing stuff like that!

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