Monday, August 01, 2016

O Fights Back Against GOPer Military Criticism

Obama goes after Trump: 'I'm tired of folks trash-talking America's military' | US news | The Guardian:

 ...At the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, Obama continued, he was “humbled” to be introduced by Sharon Belkofer, whose son, Tom, a lieutenant-colonel in the army, died in Afghanistan. She got a laugh by beginning: “You’re all probably wondering: who the heck is this sweet little old lady?”

Obama said carefully and with emphasis: “I requested Sharon introduce me because I understood that our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. They represent the very best of our country. They continue to inspire us every day, every moment. They serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of America. We have to do everything we can for those families and honour them and be humbled by them...”

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