Sunday, May 25, 2008

Going Home (Or Not)

A Lack of Taste (Typical of Obama’s Followers?) : NO QUARTER: "When I told my 86 year year old mother that Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is calling for Obama signs and supporters to fill the crowds at the Park Ridge Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 26th, she was appalled.

“No,” she said. “Surely, not in Hillary’s hometown?”

“Yes, ” I told her. “It is in the worse possible taste.”

And my mother, who is known for telling it like it is said, “Not only is that in the worse possible taste, it is just plain mean.”

Mean, it is.

But then I have hardly experienced civility from many Obama supporters during this election. I was spit on in the course of my volunteer work in Portland, have been accused of being racist from long time friends because i support Hillary and am now getting anonymous hate mail about Hillary at my home address.

So much for a politics of transformation..."

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