Monday, May 26, 2008

More Vet Complaints

Illinois Combat Veterans: Obama Wasn’t Available To Meet With Us : NO QUARTER: "Looks like Barack Obama ignored another constituency when the cameras weren’t rolling. And now Democrats will have to pay. This is why we must nominate Hillary Clinton, our only chance to beat John McCain in the fall.

Below is a Commercial made by Republican 527 Vets for Freedom Political Action Committee. In it, an Iraq combat veteran from Illinois discusses how he and 12 other combat veterans were unable to meet with Barack Obama. This vet wants to know why it is that Barack Obama is willing to meet with despots and terrorist leaders but not with Generals or combat veterans. He wants to know how it is that Barack Obama is so smart about the Middle East when he hasn’t even been there during his two and a half years in the Senate..."

Go to No Quarter to see the ad.


Anonymous said...

Vets for Freedom is NOT a 527.

Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan 501(C) (4) non profit organization, formed in January 2006. Our mission is to educate the public about the importance of achieving success in the Global War on Terror by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics. In July 2006, Vets for Freedom founders also formed a 527 component to assist fulfilling this mission. The 527, Vets for Freedom action fund disbanded in July 2007.Vets for Freedom political action fund, a federal PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission was formed in November 2007. Vets for Freedom PAC aims to support those candidates, regardless of party, who recognize the importance of achieving success in the Global War on Terror. Vets for Freedom and Vets for Freedom PAC are separate organizations. Vets for Freedom PAC is the sole sponsor and funder of the ads

Bob said...

Thanks for the clarification. Did you leave this comment over at No Quarter, too?

Anonymous said...

It turns out that Dick Durbin lied about the guy in the VFF commercial on face the nation this sunday.

apparently, SGT Garett Anderson asked Obama's office for help with his VA claim and Obama's office didn't call him back until another office assisted him with the claim.

Obama says he is friend to veterans but his office won't even help them navigate the VA maze.

What's up with this?