Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Wind Is Still In My Sails

On the Geo Stepho show, the round table, George Will excepted, said the "Hillary Gaffe" (re: RFK) had taken the wind out of our sails and that we're all ready to throw in the towel now. Uh. Wrong. Anyone who throws in the towel over this wasn't much of a Clinton supporter to being with, and I would never abandon a candidate of any kind over such an innocuous remark.


billy pilgrim said...

maybe i'm just stupid but what was so evil in her comments?

Victor said...

The O'Campaign (fans) have claimed that her statement of fact was, in fact, a call for murder, at least according to some commenters in various threads. She simply stated that RFK was killed in June. Much like she said LBJ passed civil rights legislation, which got twisted into Clinton being a racist. At least she didn't get the number of states confused and her "gaffe" can be laid off to intense sniper fire in South Dakota, so my gaffe-o-meter that's Clinton 2, Obama several.