Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Those Career Liberals

...and other noxious sorts (my bold).

Daily Howler: The career liberal world refused to fight back. Does Steve Clemons' post show us why?: "...END OF AN ERA: An era came to an end this week—although its noxious constituent parts may well come back at some point.

But yes, an era came to an end. The mainstream press corps won’t be trashing Obama in the way they trashed so many Big Dems during the 16-year, Clinton/Gore/Bush/Kerry/Clinton era. (Good!) In that era’s most consequential episode, their conduct sent George Bush to the White House. But that story remains in the “sphere of deviance” for the mainstream press corps—and for the “liberal press” too. Good “career liberals” just don’t discuss it. One more time, as an era ends, we incomparably will..."

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