Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Being Critical of Little O

Informed Comment: Cole/ Marsh Debate on Obama's Bombing of Pakistan: "...That said, I really must object to the way [Taylor]Marsh argued this case. First, one of her main concerns is that my analysis might give comfort to the Right insofar as it offers a critique of an Obama policy. She wrote 'Talk about your wingnut New Years gift, presented on the wings of hyperbole.' And ended, 'Sean Hannity says thanks. Or who knows, maybe it's a gift.' She said that such figures on the right have been talking about Obama being criticized by the antiwar Left and suggests that my column gave support to their talking point.

The notion that we should not say something critical of the policy of a Democratic president because it might give aid and comfort to the rightwing enemy is completely unacceptable. It is a form of regimentation, and equivalent to making dissent a sort of treason. We had enough of that the last 8 years (it used to be from different quarters that I was accused of traitorously succoring the enemy)..."

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