Monday, January 26, 2009

McCain Now Critical Of Obama

Republicans step up criticism of Obama - Los Angeles Times: "...But Sunday, McCain had few kind words for Obama's initial moves as president. He called it 'disingenuous' for the White House to impose new rules to limit the influence of lobbyists but immediately claim an exemption for William Lynn III, the nominee to be deputy Defense secretary, who has lobbied on behalf of defense contractor Raytheon Co.

McCain said he would not have announced the pending closure of Guantanamo, as Obama did last week by signing an executive order, without having first decided what to do with the 245 detainees being held there.

And the senator said he would not support the stimulus plan in its current form, asserting that it should have more tax cuts and less emphasis on projects, such as repairing the National Mall or extending broadband access to rural areas..."

McCain now seems more critical of Little O than when he was running against him. What gives? Don't tell me John McCain was sucked in by the glitterati, too. Please don't tell me the only people we can nominate for President are fools.


billy pilgrim said...

"....of the 1.4 million that attended Obama's inauguration, only 14 missed work."

Bob said...

Gads, what a quote. Where did it come from? Pretty darn funny (and sad).