Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where Will All The Gitmo Go?

...long time passing (and with apologies to the Kingston Trio.)

Political Wimps and Cowards Whining About Guantanamo Terrorists : NO QUARTER

"We defeated Nazi Germany, which at one point controlled all of Europe and major swaths of the Soviet Union and North Africa. We held members of that master race in prison camps scattered throughout the United States. We obliterated Japan, which had raped and pillaged most of Asia and the islands of the Pacific. And we pushed Soviet communism to a dramatic collapse. We stood up against armies that numbered in the millions. Massive air power with nuclear bombs and fully armed intercontinental ballistic missiles. But when it comes to thinking rationally about a handful–245 to be precise–of real and alleged radical Islamic terrorists being locked up in the United States we soil ourselves.

We have imprisoned and executed some of the world’s most heinous mass murderers. We have lincarcerated the heads of major narcotics cartels and drug gangs. Hell, we have Hells’ Angels and skinheads in our prisons and don’t lose a nights sleep. Ye,t raise the possibility that we might put 150 suspected terrorists in prisons on U.S. soil and many of our political leaders–Republicans in particular–act like panicked passengers on the Titanic. But it is not just Republicans. Remember when Kansans had a pair of balls and some backbone? Not anymore. The Jayhawks are now a bunch of chickenhawks:.."

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