Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Political Party Needed

Charlotte Front and Center: Obama has New Communtiy Group: 'Organizing for America': "...For those who didn't vote for Obama (many democrats, republicans,and Independents as well) now is the time to organize. Yet, we continue to see the splintering off of conservative groups who wish not to be identified with the Republican party because they are 'compromising' with those who tend more towards the center. It is understandable no one wants to compromise their beliefs, but there still has to be a unification of groups if there is any serious hope of winning against Obama in 2012. To be goal-oriented is necessary. If the goal is to not see Obama win re-election, then people must unite for that one purpose..."


billy pilgrim said...

did you see the daily show drawing parallels between obama's speech and the past speeches of bush?

it was very interesting.

Bob said...

No. I will definitely try and find it tho; thanks for the tip.