Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do The Homeless Need More Art?

Cannonfire "Giving Liberalism A Bad Name": "...Poor people don't want to hear about the alleged virtues of $4 a gallon gas. Unlike the author of this article, poor people know what it's like to spend one full hour on a bus, each and every day, standing next to rheumy alkies and wheezing pre-verts, just to go to a job located ten miles away. By all means, improve public transportation. But those who don't use it should not romanticize it.

And don't you dare spew that pap about the-best-things-in-life-are-free to someone facing homelessness -- not if you value your unbroken nose. 'Spirit' is beyond restoration when the cupboard is bare. The job of the true liberal is to replenish that cupboard -- period. Let each citizen work out the rest for himself or herself..."

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