Saturday, March 05, 2016

Are The tRumpers Walking With Jesus?

William Rivers Pitt | A Call to Evangelical Trump Voters:

...People of genuine faith are appalled and horrified by your support of this man. They genuinely don't understand it. I have a friend, the scion of a vast family of deep evangelical faith, who just got back from building houses for poor people in Africa. He wants to throw up when beholding this preposterous phenomenon. I disagree with just about everything he stands for politically, but the man has sand, is a wonderful father and has honor to spare. He practices what he preaches, and the very idea of evangelical voters supporting the walking lie that is Donald Trump makes him want to dig a hole and die in it.

Why is this happening? I have a fairly straightforward explanation: You're a pack of marauding frauds. The "morals" and "values" you've been attempting to ram-feed the country for going on 40 years are ashes in your mouths if you stand up for Donald Trump. He represents everything you allegedly despise, and yet you run through walls to support him. Donald Trump is the moneychanger Jesus whipped out of the temple in his wrath, and here you are hitching your wagon to his star. You're not "evangelicals." You're football fans rooting for a team, jumping on board with the guy you think can win, and to hell with the contradictions. You literally reek to high heaven...

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