Saturday, March 05, 2016

Country Club Angst Roosting In

GOP elites have only themselves to blame for Trump - The Orange County Register:

A top Republican consultant whined last week that “Donald Trump is hijacking the Republican Party.”


This is a common and almost comical complaint these days from the establishment wing of the GOP, the same people who have hijacked the party pretty much since the end of the Reagan era.

In his disgraceful and classless rant against Trump on Thursday, Mitt Romney even unveiled a new strategy by the establishment: Keep Trump from getting a majority of the delegates (though he is very likely to win a plurality) and then steal the election from Trump at the convention. Ironically, these are the same people who were making fun of the Democrats for “rigging” their nomination process to favor Hillary Clinton...
Rigging for Clinton? After the 08 debacle in which Clinton won more votes by far than Obama, the Democrats refused to allow her name in nomination, and people she and Bill had loyally supported for years started stabbing her in the back, a GOPer dares complain about "rigging?"

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