Monday, March 28, 2016

NYT Clinton Confession

Politics as sport | Gene Lyons | Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art:

 ...Meanwhile, no less an authority than Jill Abramson, until quite recently the editor of the New York Times, has essentially conceded that the newspaper has never given Hillary Clinton an even break.

In a remarkable interview in Politico, Abramson doesn't quite admit that Times-created "scandal" narratives from Whitewater through the current hullabaloo over her State Department emails have been somewhere between wildly exaggerated and pulp fiction.

But she does talk about how "we ... expect total purity from a woman candidate." Abramson adds that "Where I think Hillary Clinton faces ... certainly more of a burden is that the controversies she's been in are immediately labeled, you know, 'travelgate or 'emailgate' ... [I]f you actually asked people what about any of these controversies bothers them, they don't know anything specific about any of them."

Well, no kidding.

In my experience of scandal monitoring, that's because there's nothing specific to know.

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