Wednesday, March 02, 2016

You Need Clinton

It's time for the haters to get behind Hillary Clinton | Rachel Sklar | Opinion | The Guardian:

...When she comes under fire for her tone, for her ambition, for her likability, for somehow not being inspirational enough; when she’s asked about who will pick out china or when yet another smear email goes viral, ready to be added to her Snopes archive; when someone muses that it’s not that she’s a woman, but they just don’t like her, or even worse, proclaims hotly that they’d rather not vote than vote for Hillary – it’s time to step up. Because that is the language of undermining your potential and likely candidate for president.

If you care about what Bernie Sanders stands for, you will need her. If you care about who sits on the US supreme court you will need her. If you care about women’s reproductive self-determination, you will need her. If you care about racial justice, you will need her. If the alternative is one of the dudes that look reasonable compared to Donald Trump, you will need her...

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