Thursday, March 10, 2016

Yes, Virginia, There Is Violence At Trump Rallies

"I've never seen such things at a Trump rally!" "You're just a Killery Supporter!" "You don't nothing about Hitler!" Just a small sampler of some of the more intelligent and less profane comments I received after pointing out that Trump rallies were starting to look like Nazi events. The tRump Lickers have never seen any signs of violence at his rallies. Do tell O Blind Ones.

Trump protester sucker-punched at North Carolina rally, videos show - The Washington Post:

Multiple videos show a protester at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina being sucker-punched by a Trump supporter.

The videos, which appeared on social media early Thursday and are shot from different perspectives, show an African American with long hair wearing a white T-shirt leaving the Trump rally as the audience boos. He is being led out of the rally by men in uniforms that read “Sheriff’s Office.” The man extends a middle finger to the audience on his way out...

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