Friday, March 18, 2016

Sympathy For The Bernouts

Butt Clenching Truths | The Confluence:

...I’ll say it again after eight years of saying it: I’ve never been impressed or wowed! by Obama. He’s had a pretty good PR team but I found his campaign speeches to be endless run-on collections of prepositional phrases without a point. Maybe some people are impressed by that. It did nothing for me. His record was, what, spotty? Non-existent? He came out of almost nowhere. His favorite politicians were, um, Republicans. He wrote some self-indulgent biographies. Annnnnd that’s about it. Lawyers, even ones from Harvard, are a dime a dozen these days. Yahhhhwwwn. It’s difficult to find a more establishment politician than Barack Obama.

I am not surprised that there are a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters who feel burned by his two terms in office. They really believed the hype about hope and change, even though the guy they picked doesn’t have a single cell of change in his body. This is the guy who is talking about Hillary’s authenticity. I hope the former Obama supporters who are feeling the Bern this year have learned something but they probably haven’t. I keep thinking I can’t get more disgusted by Obama but he always manages to do it one more time...


E. Rosewater said...

i don't think anyone could do a better job than old obama's done. shit, i couldn't even keep 50 people happy at the cracker factory. try keep 350 million people happy. but i still think he's a narcissist.

Bob Harrison said...

i'm disappointed we didn't get a more liberal government in the last eight years but i do agree that under the circumstances obama did ok.