Saturday, March 05, 2016

It's Time For Bernie To Go

#Feelthebern Has Flamed Out | Will Hillary Win:

...Proportionality also means that mathematically there is no path forward for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. The Guardian headlined an article after Super Tuesday: “The cold, hard truth: it’s game over for Bernie Sanders.” And indeed, it is. Not all the hope in Bernie’s world can overcome the harsh reality of math.

No doubt, Bernie’s supporters will take umbrage at hearing the reality that their quixotic journey is over. Nevertheless, facts are facts no matter how harsh they may feel. Even Salon, which has been steadfast in supporting Bernie’s candidacy ran an article the day after Super Tuesday entitled “Hillary’s nomination is inevitable: Bernie has fought the good fight, after Super Tuesday, the numbers just don’t add up for him...”
The real question, posed in the post above at the link, is will Bernie bow out gracefully? Or will he and his supporters make this a bitch-fight until the end? Right now, many of his supporters are acting like this is a high school popularity contest, rather than the deadly serious business of who will be appointing SCOTUS nominees, dealing with climate change, and facing our foreign enemies, not to mention the host of civil right issues that loom on the horizon. Sanders claims to be a "man of the people," but would a self-proclaimed booster of the common man give aid and comfort to a man and a political party that is the antithesis of all those values? Everyone who is on the American people's side of the fence, rather than the minions of the 1%, needs to get on board with making sure no Republican, from dog-catcher to President, is elected this November. That's probably not possible, but by dropping the silly pretenses of political miracles, we can at least get a Democrat back in the White House.

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