Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why I Get Angry

The Brutal Assault on Hillary's Integrity Is The Gender Barrier Manifested - Blue Nation Review:

...Hordes of online trolls swarm her supporters and surrogates, spewing filthy, misogynistic insults.

She is attacked by Republicans, by the media, by the commentariat, and by her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who does this (according to Mother Jones):

“Hey, I’m not saying she’s a crook. I’m just saying she drives a pretty nice car, amirite?” I’d say that Sanders is very much questioning the integrity of Clinton herself, and doing it in a pretty familiar way.

And all these attacks have one thing in common: ZERO EVIDENCE.

It’s ALL innuendo and insinuation. Guilt by association. She’s guilty until proven innocent.

There are few things worse you can do to another human than to take their life’s work, their achievements, their goals and dreams, their mistakes and judgments, their failures and successes and TRASH all of it with unsubstantiated, unfounded insinuations...
I got really irked at some people the other night who kept attacking Clinton with the same old crap and I challenged them on offering up any proof. Of course, they had none but that did not slow them down. This sort of behavior is literally killing politics and will eventually kill the country. One of the very few things I agree with tRump about is that libel and slander laws need to be reevaluated. It should be possible to sue people for serial lying and character assassination if you are a public figure. A few well-placed law suits, followed by stiff penalties, would put an end to most of this behavior.

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