Friday, June 03, 2016

1%er Talks Ed

Jamie Dimon: This is the 'biggest disgrace' in America - Jun. 2, 2016:

..."This is probably one of the biggest disasters, Not just Detroit. A lot of inner city schools in America," Dimon told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview in Detroit. "Americans should understand that 50%, or something like, of the kids in inner-city schools, often poor and often minority, don't graduate. And the ones that do, don't necessarily have the skills to get a job. That is the biggest disgrace in this country," Dimon lamented. "We should be ringing an alarm bell on every hilltop and every mountain top and saying this shouldn't be allowed."

In a separate event for a group of entrepreneurs in Detroit, Dimon pointed out that there were more than 5 million open jobs in the U.S. right now, near a record high. With some 8 million unemployed Americans, the problem is a skills gap. Dimon argues the failure to educate America's youth with the skills needed to get these jobs is the ultimate societal failure...

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