Sunday, June 05, 2016

Clinton The Comfort Tiger

Why Hillary Spanking Trump Should Comfort the American People |:

Hillary Clinton’s much lauded foreign policy speech last Thursday was notable for her fierce, resolute delivery, for turning the page on the long primary battle and for taking the demagogue Trump to school so hard, he dripped flop sweat and could only sputter weak personal attacks in response. She even rendered the Republican Party attack machine silent. Clinton once again demonstrated her command of issues foreign and domestic, but even that was “Trumped” by Mama Tiger making it crystal clear she is a patriot with the utmost respect for America’s people, our ideals and an unshakeable belief that our best days are ahead of us. Trump was put on notice: Clinton will not be a cautious nominee but will go to the wall to realize her policy goals and won’t hesitate to use “the Donald’s” documented behavior to expose his every flaw...

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