Monday, June 06, 2016

Clinton's Non-Hobby

Hillary Clinton’s So-Called Likability Problem Is Our Issue, Not Hers | The Broad Side:

...Brooks’ theory on women candidates and likability is about to backfire, though, because in a 21st century working woman’s world, there is little time for hobbies, exercise-related or not. Ask around. I’m not comparing most women’s schedules to that of a Secretary of State who flew 950,000 miles or a presidential candidate who seems to suffer sexist slings and arrows at every turn. Most of the women I know don’t have time for a hobby, especially like the tried and true presidential pastime of golf that demands a solid block of at least five undisturbed hours. We’re lucky if we can slip in a little time for the kinds of things Hillary has actually admitted to doing (which Brooks would have discovered with a quick Google search) like her love of HGTV, Parks and Recreation, a nice glass of wine or some quality grandma time with Charlotte. I suspect if Hillary — or most of the women I know — had five hours to herself, she might take up the hobby of competitive napping...

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