Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Excellent Clinton Profile

This piece is probably the best profile I've read this year, and perhaps, the best ever. Very insightful, very thorough. A key take-away in the profile is that Clinton actually has some very progressive positions on child care and infrastructure, which you never hear about thanks to the media's obsession with nothingburger emailgates and other assorted trivialities. The article also takes a swipe at the media as the following snippet illustrates.

Did Hillary’s Campaign Have to Be This Hard? -- NYMag:

...But this is the price Clinton pays for not having a warmer, closer relationship with reporters: She does not get the benefit of any doubt; there is no elasticity of comprehension. She does not enjoy the goodwill that someone like Joe Biden — a king of misstatements, prone to offending entire nationalities — has earned, which permits him to get out of media-jail time and again...

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