Monday, June 06, 2016

Missing The Point In The tRump U Case

tRump The Brilliant?

With all of tRump's bluster and screaming about "Mexican Judges" and the consequent media hysteria over racism, which has dominated the news cycles, I think we've lost sight of something very important. The judge's heritage has absolutely no bearing and no effect of any kind on the facts of the case. tRump U was a scam operation from beginning to end: a fraud, a swindle, a criminal enterprise, and Donald Trump is a criminal. When will we start hearing all the speculation about indictments, convictions, punishments, and how either Obama or Clinton was responsible for it all? Com'on people! Focus!

Or was this judge-stuff a brilliant ploy by a "vulgar talking yam" to distract us all away from the thing that might get Don "Tiny Hands" Trump stuffed away in ye olde Gray Bar Hotel with his mob buddies?

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