Friday, June 03, 2016

Pierce Gets Chewed On By Commenters

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Trump on Foreign Policy in Speech:

Apparently, Hillary Rodham Clinton has left a bit of He, Trump out in the woodshed. She delivered a speech about foreign policy and, according to Vox, her talent for sarcasm is getting just a bit better...
The above blurb is about the nicest thing in the post about Clinton. Pierce is a fine writer and I generally agree with what he says, but he does have a considerable amount of Hillary-hate boiling below the surface. The commenters at Esquire, mostly, have always been wonderful and intelligent, but Pierce leads a contingent of regional bigots who are second to none in their hatred of the South and rural people, whom they hold beneath contempt. After several months, I finally quit reading Esquire because the incessant ranting about "let Texas secede," "Lincoln should have killed them all," etc. I went back a few months ago and lurked; the Bernielicking and CDS was strong there. As Sanders continued to fall, the genderism started creeping in. But the worm has turned today; most of the female commenters took Pierce to task for his back-handed column as did a good many of the men. I left a comment about his CDS being related to his distaste for rubes. Maybe I'll live.

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