Friday, June 03, 2016

tRump Bribes TX AG

BREAKING: Trump Accused Of Bribing Texas Governor – This Could Send Both Behind Bars (VIDEO) 

According to Associated Press, back in 2010, Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot opened a civil investigation into Trump University after a series of complaints and charges “deceptive business practices”. There were complaints of “boiler room tactics” to push prospective students into paying up for the lacklustre course being offered. The case, however, was quietly dropped when Trump said he would close up shop in Texas, and it paid off for Greg Abbot who was given $35,000 by Trump when Abbot decided to run for Governor – and won.

Oddly enough, the Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi, was onboard to take part in a multi-state law suit against Trump University but decided not to get involved about three days later saying that there wasn’t enough evidence. And then, magically, probably out of the goodness of Trump’s heart, his Donald J. Trump Foundation made a generous and not-so-surprising donation of $25,000 to her campaign to be re-elected. What a swell guy, eh?

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