Sunday, October 16, 2016

A GOP Dirty Trick In Firebombing?

North Carolina GOP office attacked - POLITICO:

A North Carolina Republican Party office was firebombed overnight and threatening words painted nearby, party officials and local news organizations reported Sunday...
The only group that gains from this is the GOP, adding further fuel to their on-going rage fest. They had means; they had opportunity. They also had the only good motive. Please feel free to prove me wrong by finding the culprit.


anonymous said...

Absolutely GOP ratfscking. No doubt about it.

The concept of a Democrat in conceited, complacent Hillsborough committing so tacky an act is simply not believable. It would be like Thurston Howell III or Lovey expressing themselves with bombs.

There is a lot of poverty side-by-side with extreme wealth in Orange county, but the crimes of the poorer residents have not taken an ideological bent, as far as I know.

That leaves the ratfsckers.

anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

Sorry. Posted same comment twice, removed one.

Bob Harrison said...

Since I wasn't familiar with the area, I looked up the population matrix and saw the same sort of idea. I try and remind everyone, when one of these kind of cases breaks, to remind the Duke lacrosse scandal and how everyone started jumping to conclusions before a tenth of the facts had been investigated. As I said in the post, follow the motive.

The only way I can envision Democrats involved is if it was some teens or young people whose bad judgment got the better of them. It certainly wasn't something that was directed by the Party.

anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

Yep. I'm see plenty of unofficial eye-rolling in addition to the official, by now Noh-like, expressions of concern.

RE: that small snooty county where Hillsborough is located - I'd say Orange is the new Marin. Heh.

(BTW, love that Blogger has a delete feature for hyper-editing commentors like me. I'll try not to wear it out :) )