Sunday, October 30, 2016

No More Kidding With These Traitors

Where Does Trumpism Go After Nov. 8 - BuzzFeed News:

...But if he loses, Whitted said, “I think it’s going to fire us up even more and try to push Hillary out. Get her in prison. Just kidding...”
Over the years I've put up with a lot of crap from Obots, Bushies, and now, tRumpians, and I think I can speak for a good many Americans when I say we are the ones who are fed-up with your treasonous lying; we're disgusted by your cozying up to Putin and the mobster side of Russia; and this time we're going to do something about all the bullies. Oh. Just kidding! No harm! No foul! Just kidding! Sorry guys, but saying you're just joking is no longer a sufficient excuse for your calls to overthrow the elected government of this country, whether it is through some AR-15 pipe dream or through having your lap dogs in Congress gum up the works so the nation can't function. Enough! The majority needs to slap this minority down before they burn down the Constitution. They have gone far beyond the honorable stance of the Loyal Opposition and have moved into the poisonous territory of Seditious Minority.

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