Thursday, October 20, 2016

Abortion At The Debate

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Third and Final Presidential Debate Recap - The Worst Hombre:

...Trump was foggy on the specifics—if he knows what the Supreme Court's Heller gun-control decision actually is, I'll eat the 14th green at Turnberry—but he was at least coherent and resolute in his position. On abortion, it's clear he's gone all in with the anti-choice crowd, talking again and again about ripping babies from the womb and pivoting (as they all do) to the argument that the law in this area should devolve back to the states. (A very bad idea, but an idea nonetheless.) Meanwhile, HRC gave the clearest and most definitive statement of support for the rights codified in Roe v. Wade that I've ever heard. No more "safe, legal, and rare" dodge, HRC spoke forthrightly about the efforts out in the states to curb those rights piecemeal...

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