Monday, October 31, 2016

Deadbeat Don Keeps Getting Deader

Trump Is Deadbeating On His Campaign Debts By Refusing To Pay His Own Pollster:

It has begun. Donald Trump is refusing to pay one of his pollsters the $767,000 owed for services performed. Deadbeat Donald is not only losing the campaign, but he is already not paying his bills...


anonymous said...

Not about this post, which BTW is no surprise atall, but...have you seen this????

That outgoing senator Burr actually said he was disappointed there wasn't a bullseye on HRC's face.

I saw a post somewhere, maybe here, that said Burr was tired of politicing and would leave after this term anyway. The comments in the above video are indeed the remarks of a lame duck Congress Critter. Voting as hard as I can for Ross, but this is going to make me try harder to scout out places where I can be locally useful to her campaign.

Bob Harrison said...

Yeah, I put the story up on Facebook but forgot to post it over here. Not all surprised at Burr. He was worthless before he got in office and certainly hasn't improved with age. Good for on working for Ross. I certainly hope she can get by Burr, but with all the voter suppression going on, it will be tough.