Sunday, October 16, 2016

No Mandate Clinton

Ignoring for just a second, the ridiculous idea of a mandate to begin with, this post is arguing that if Clinton wins, say, a 10 point landslide victory, she will be without a rudder to steer by. Since every Republican after Abe Lincoln has claimed a mandate, even with the thinnest of margins, i.e. Skippy Bush, Clinton can claim a mandate if she wins by one vote. Poulos appears to think that people are voting to just keep a lunatic away from the White House. I've got news for you, bub, millions of people are voting for Clinton because they want the platform she is standing upon, which is quite simply the polar opposite of the way the GOP has been running, and ruining, the country since Nixon took us down the path of division and fear.

While Donald Duck will never have Hillary Clinton's intelligence, skill, or compassion, I would still vote for him over anybody pushing the GOP/Koch agenda.

Clinton could get a landslide but without a mandate - The Orange County Register:

...In fact, it’s not out of the question that Donald Trump’s increasing focus on fighting the GOP will drive so many Republicans to vote against him that Clinton enjoys no mandate at all — stuck with a hollow presidency and an America lacking utterly in unity or direction...

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