Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Could I Get My UFO Wish?

If Clinton can give tRump a "Please Continue" moment while he is riffing about alien breeding programs, he will have hit the wingsnut grand slam and drool will cover all the land and local droughts will end and cats and dogs will live together in peace and harmony.

Hillary Clinton Is Ready And Willing To Talk About UFOs On Television | Huffington Post:

...But it would be interesting to watch a UFO question unfold. Because if debate moderator Chris Wallace asks Clinton her thoughts on otherworldly visitors, regardless of how she answers, Trump would undoubtedly be allowed to respond.

Anyone out there have a direct line to Wallace before Wednesday’s debate?

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anonymous said...

Cute take on the UFO controversy :)

I'm adding this comment here due to the ongoing nature of the saga of the (probably staged) Republican and Democratic office vandalism in Hillsborough. It might get lost below!

Turns out the Repubs' tragic claim there were absentee ballots destroyed wasn't true after all, because storing ballots there would have been illegal, so of course they didn't do it. Their spin came so fast they couldn't even make up a creditable story!

From DailyNewsBin: http://www.dailynewsbin.com/news/north-carolina-republican-party-caught-hiding-completed-absentee-ballots-in-firebombed-office/26335/

Be sure to follow the "subsequently claimed" link and read to the end. This stuff is so weird you just couldn't make it up.