Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is Fixing CDS Possible?

The linked post doesn't really address that issue, but I wish some of the "big thinkers" from the A-List blogs would contemplate it. Surely, if the Z-listers like me wonder about these various issues and ideas, someone with high traffic can do it, too. I'm confident they troll through the "little blogs" looking for material, so go for it guys and gals, give us the big liberal thoughts that no one else has had.

They're already trying to erase what they did to Hillary Clinton - Shareblue:

...The colossal imbalance of the coverage of the candidates in this election is absolutely worth exploring, especially by members of the media who facilitated that imbalance. But the exploration will be worth nothing at all if it excludes accountability for the dreadful coverage of Clinton.

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